101.Watch Shopping guide: "How to choose the right size of your watches."

Posted on September 01 2016

Internet shopping is an easy, quick way of purchasing new things. So, what do you need to know about shopping for trendy watches? Besides being inspired by the design, you will need to determine the best size for you. 

At 101.Watch Store, we stock fashion and designer watches, so we have the styles and sizes you desire. Read on for advice on choosing the best fit that meets your fashion needs.


Classic design:

If you are searching for feminine or more formal watches with a classic design, the recommended size of the case for women's watches is between 26mm and 35mm. For classic men's watches we recommend sizes from 39mm to 42mm, depending on the size of your wrist. Men with smaller wrists may want to select from the 39mm to 40mm watches, while those with larger wrists should choose from the larger sizes.  For women, the current trend is to wear watches slightly bigger, so you will not go wrong with 35mm to 39mm cases with minimalist and simply designed watches.




Fashion watches:

Within the category of fashion watches, we shift toward larger sizes, due to the varying designs of the dials and individual preferences when wearing these timepieces. Fashion watches are lightweight and serve to complete your outfit and underline your personal style. We recommend that both men and women try the unisex sizes between 40mm and 43mm.



Sport watches:

For women, we recommend between 38mm and 40mm, while men should opt for sizes between 42mm and 46mm. In this category, a 42mm case is suitable for men with a thinner wrist who wear classic design timepieces in 39mm. This analogy holds true for women, too, so if you wear a classic timepiece in 35mm, do not hesitate to buy a sport watch in 40mm.


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