13 Amazing Marble-faced watches!

Posted on August 01 2016


Bondi Marble 43mm Christian Paul Watches In Stock In The USA 101.Watch


There's no need to look elsewhere. Thirteen stunning marble-faced watches from the Christian Paul Marble Collection are waiting for you at 101.Watch Store! Whether you desire a genuine trendy watch, or you are searching for the latest fashionable wristwatches for men or women, you will find it here. Let’s take a look!

Unisex and versatile. Christian Paul marble dials are exactly that. Marble patterns in bright white colors are metamorphosing into different shapes, reminding us of streams and rivers flowing into the ocean. Black marble patterns resemble the deep night sky and the many undiscovered places.

Marble has always symbolized solid workmanship. In ancient times, it was used for decoration where the spirit, culture, and architecture were brandished by the elite.

Still today, marble signifies a cultivated personal style and aristocratic aire. Wearing marble watches implies a keen awareness of time. It also implies responsibility and organization.

With a smartphone full of apps and technology features constantly buzzing in your pocket, there is no question that you know what time it is. But a watch should simply complement your style a bit more, making a statement as it makes sure you are punctual to that big meeting.

Flaunt your marble-faced timepiece this year as your personal declaration of fashion awareness and independence!

Shop whole Marble-faced collection here!


Unboxing Bondi Marble 35mm by Christian Paul watches



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