3 out of 10 Reasons Why Accessories are Underrated

Posted on July 30 2017

All of us need some inspiration from time to time to enhance our look and update our fashion style. It doesn‘t have to cost a lot of money to get something new and feel stylish. Do you realize how powerful accessories are? Check out these interesting points from an article by Chow Down USA - a food, fashion, and lifestyle blog based in Boston and San Francisco.

As Chelsea states - and we agree - accessories can revive an outfit. You can wear the same basic white top, faded blue jeans, and nice leather shoes multiple times, but if you switch up the watches and handbags, you can transform it into a variety of different outfits!

Bondi Marble 43mm by Christian Paul Watches Bondi Marble 43mm by Christian Paul Watches

Another big truth is that new accessories – such as Christian Paul watches - can give you energy. Just as a new piece can transform an outfit, it can also transform your mood. Our own experience proves this statement. In August, our cousin celebrated her 30th birthday, and as a gift, she selected a Bondi Marble 43mm watch. She is thin and fragile-looking, so this timepiece fits her wrist perfectly. We met up with her two weeks later for a family lunch, and she told us about the many compliments she received wearing this new wristwatch. She was so full of energy and had a wonderful smile on her face!

Bondi Marble 43mm by Christian Paul Watches Bondi Marble 43mm by Christian Paul Watches

A third reason accessories are underrated is that accessories boost your creativity. Accessorizing your outfit is an art form and brings new inspiration into your daily life. Imagine wearing an amazing marble-faced watch or minimalist wristwatch from the Raw collection. Each of these timepieces will give you a whole new feeling about yourself and the world around you.

Visit the fashion & lifestyle blog CHOW DOWN USA, written by Chelsea Marrs, and continue reading the article why 10 Reasons Accessories are Underrated for more valuable insight.


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