4 Notable Black-on-Black Watches under $300

Posted on July 16 2016

  • We're talking black face, black strap
  • Black-on-black watch – a continuing trend in the watch industry


Black is a color worn to blend in, to slip through the crowds unnoticed, but it also equates to luxury. With that in mind, it's no surprise that one of the key trends in watches recently is the all-black look. It's not a new look by any means, but it has shown staying power. Nearly every watch brand makes at least one black-on-black model.


Shop these 4 notable black-on-black watches from the 101.Watch Store:


Nocs Atelier: Seconds Silver and Rose Gold  $280

This black military style watch is derived from the same quality materials as the well-designed headphones, earphones, and speakers for which Swedish firm Nocs is known. The Nocs Atelier Seconds black-on-black watch is the first masterpiece fashioned from the newly-created division. Select from Silver and Rose Gold. The color of the second hand is what makes each piece unique. The dial is very simple, all matte black. With black hour markers, and minute hands, this watch easily transitions from office to dinner with friends.


Nocs Atelier Watch | Black on Black


TechnoSport Watch: Aviation TS-100-1AV  $279

This black-on-black model is a well-built, quality timepiece in the modern Aviator style. The dial offers a finely-textured pattern styled in black with rose gold hour markers, which provides excellent legibility both day and night. The outer area of the dial provides a rotating chapter ring with world cities listed, revealing the current time throughout the globe. Every feature is the result of the designer's unique, yet subtle, ideas. The model is available with a silky-soft silicone, black bracelet. Everything about this watch will make you feel as if you are seated in the cockpit of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

 TechnoSport Watch Aviation TS-100-1AV | Black on Black


Christian Paul Watch: The Strand Luxe  $179

A watch is often used to measure one's sense of style. This Christian Paul unisex watch is the epitome of elegance. Theatre premiere, company meeting, or Friday cocktail with friends… wherever you go, the Christian Paul Watch: The Strand Luxe is sure to be a hit! This timepiece commands attention without being over the top. This exclusive black-on-black watch boasts a matte black 43mm case, making it easy to combine with both formal and casual dress. Austrian crystal indicators on the dial together with a genuine Italian leather band provides an exquisite touch of luxury. This timepiece is powered by reliable quartz movement, so do not worry - you will arrive on time!


Christian Paul Watch The Strand Luxe 43mm | Black on Black


Simpl Watch: Onyx Black  $195

Let's take a peek at the black-on-black watch that, despite being a little on the dark side, definitely represents a cool style that is both understated and sleek. This rare "One Hand" or "Single Hand" timepiece can appear unconventional or even strange to many of us today, but telling the time using just a single hand used to be standard in the past. The clean and simple styling of the Onyx Black Watch is aimed at the "go anywhere" kind of person and it's a perfect companion for exploring the urban jungle.

Simpl Watch Onyx Black | Black on Black


If you're looking for the "must-have" watch to add to your collection, the Black-on-Black is the perfect choice!


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