Tan Strap Watches – Men's Guide

Posted on August 07 2016

We discussed the women’s tan accessories on our 101.Watch blog in July (click here). But today, we have an article focused solely on men. In preparing the men's watch collection for our store (see here), we surprisingly discovered that we stock several tan strap watches. Men have a general tendency to dress in classical styles, especially when choosing colors. When wearing dark colors, accessories such as belts, watches, glasses, hats, and shoes add a stylish pop of charm to your outfit. By successfully matching accessories with wardrobe, you will always remain one step ahead!

The material is important. You can wear cotton and linen shirts during the summer, and combine them with men's espadrilles or leather moccasins, canvas belts, and straw hats. Winter and transition periods like spring and autumn are more suitable for leather shoes and accessories. But what matters most is the color. As we learned in the last article about the tan accessories, Tan is warm, sexy, and has a cool vintage vibe. It is suitable for both men and women. In men's fashion, tan adds a youthful look. Dark colors are fine, but if you want to flaunt a young, sexy look, add tan accessories to your attire.

Tan is on the edge of formal and casual style and always brings some refreshing tones into your outfits. Interestingly, this color has been popular for many years and seems as timeless as black.


We recommend the following tan watches:


Tan Strap Watches – Men's Guide


Silver Tan by Simpl Watch  Silver Tan by Simpl Watch – This timepiece is great for the office. Rare single-hand wristwatch with 40mm case that sits perfectly on your wrist. The combination tan strap and grey dial is cool and unusual. Wearing a one-hand watch is a declaration of your taste and an excellent conversation piece.
Raw 43mm Silver/Tan by Christian Paul Watches Raw 43mm Silver/Tan by Christian Paul Watches  An absolutely gorgeous timepiece! The simplistic white dial perfectly matches a white shirt and jacket, giving off an air of elegance and trustworthiness. And if you look at your watch a bit later, it's 5PM… time to leave your jacket at the office, roll up your sleeves, and jump into some jeans.
Avalon Marble 43mm by Christian Paul Watches Avalon Marble 43mm by Christian Paul Watches – This marble-faced watch by Christian Paul is perfect for walking through the city, sipping your favorite drink at the corner café, or meeting with friends to plan another great summer adventure.


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