Tips on Caring for your new time piece from 101.Watch

Posted on September 13 2016

Leather Bands: 

Simpl and Christian Paul boast luxurious colored leather bands. While black and brown don't show stains as quickly as pale or white tints, you should still care of them as well. Dirt, sweat and oil from our skin can be rough on leather, so use this guide below to clean your wristband extend its longevity:

♦  If possible remove the band from the watch face. Wipe down the leather with a damp cloth. If you can find a microfiber cloth, these work best.
♦  For those difficult stains, use a tiny amount of hand soap on the cloth and wipe gently at the area. Saddle soap can help restore the shine of the leather.
♦  Once clean, you'll need to dry and gently buff the leather. Let the band air dry completely.
♦  You need to condition your leather band to prevent cracks from happening. Leather oils will help keep the hide supple.

    Nylon Bands:

    Nocs Atelier favorits a sporty, yet chic nylon band. You may find this is actually one of the easiest fabrics to maintain for daily use. Active lifestyles require low maintenance watches, and Nocs Atelier's nylon bands will be your best bet.

    ♦  Remove the watch face and place the band into a separate mesh bag.
    ♦  Go ahead and toss it in with your laundry.
    ♦  For spot cleaning, just grab a very soft bristled toothbrush and use soapy water to clean away stains, and rinse.
    ♦  The rubber in nylon can crack also, so try a rubber protectant to keep the band in excellent condition.

      Silicone Bands:

      If you’re very active, into water sports or just looking for a watch that can handle the sweat and oil, TechnoSport's silicone bands will be the easiest to care for. Silicone is already very resilient to begin with.   

      ♦  As with all watches, remove the bands.
      ♦  Have a small dish of warm, soapy water. You can use a mild dish-washing soap.
      ♦  Gently clean the silicone with a cloth or rub away the dirt. Luckily, you can dunk this material in the bowl without worry of water damage.
      ♦  Pat and then air dry completely before wearing again.



        Now that you have a complete guide on caring for your watch, we invite you to check out all our new arrivals. It never hurts to change things up for fall and add some new style options to your collection!


        Written by: Min A. Lee | Monochrome Wings



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