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Posted on September 28 2016

Guys, listen up! Have you been hitting the social scene, but can’t seem to get that special, beautiful lady’s attention? We can help! Catching a woman’s eye is not that complicated. In fact, we have a few tips that will make you irresistible to the opposite sex.
Are you ready to dress for success? Toss the white socks, ditch the old, torn, comfy t-shirt, and start taking notes. Every man needs to have some timeless pieces in his wardrobe…pieces that never go out of style.
Check out these tips that we can almost guarantee will get her to notice. What happens after that is up to you.

The Oxford
A crisp, slim-fit Oxford shirt on a confident, well-groomed man never goes out of style. Get lots of them in different colors.

Faded Vintage-style Jeans
Oh, how we love to see a clean-cut guy in faded jeans with a tight t-shirt or freshly pressed Oxford shirt! It exudes a carefree spirit that’s just a bit daring…a definite woman magnet!

The Crewneck T-Shirt
As mentioned above, the crewneck t-shirt is a must-have! Find one that hugs your body and wear it under a lightweight jacket or on its own. Go ahead and venture away from the whites every once in a while. We love a pop of color!

Flat-front Pants Are Sexy
Get rid of the pleated pants. Really. Toss them out. Women prefer the sleek, sophisticated look of flat-front pants. And yes… pair them with an Oxford, some stylish loafers, and that sexy cologne… and we are hooked!

The Timepiece
Women notice your watch. We appreciate the elegance of a man checking the time on a wristwatch, instead of staring pointlessly at his phone. It radiates confidence and sophistication… two of our favorite traits.

So, head to the mall for a little shopping, and of course 101.Watch Store for that fabulous timepiece. You’ll be a hit at happy hour this Friday!

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