Watch Care & Waterproofness

Men's and women's fashion and design watches require basic care.


• It is important to avoid the following conditions: extreme heat or cold, prolonged periods of exposure to direct sunlight, exposure to wet conditions that exceed your timepiece's water rating (see case back and below information).
• Your timepiece should not be affected by magnetic fields generated by household items such as televisions and stereos, but avoidance of other strong electric fields or static electricity is advised.
• It is also important to avoid extreme shock or impact.
• Don't wind the watch backwards when setting the time.
• Clean your timepiece with a soft cloth and water only. Do not submerge it.
• After any saltwater use, your timepiece should be rinsed clean and dried with a soft cloth.
• We recommend replacing the battery every 1½ to 2 years to avoid harming the watch's mechanism.
Click here for your Simpl watch "One Collection" manual.


• The straps are made from soft calf leather using natural dyes. Contact with direct heat, water, or solvents should be avoided.
• To prevent fading, keep them out of prolonged direct sunlight. 
• If your strap is wet, gently dry it carefully with a cloth. Do not let strap dry under the sun or next to heating.
• Clean leather with a damp cloth and a mild leather cleaner. Sponge gently until all grime and stains are absorbed. Please do not use water to clean your band as this can cause damage to the leather


5ATM - A "splash proof" watch will be rain-resistant. 5ATM watch can survive getting dropped in a sink of water by coincidence for a few seconds, but we wouldn't recommend swimming with one holding it directly under a shower head. Avoid wearing the watch when showering, bathing, swimming, diving, or any activity where it is exposed directly to water. Kindly note that water damaged is not covered under warranty.
10ATM - Your 10ATM watch is safe for showering or swimming (at the surface). Don't take it diving. If the watch fails, you won't be able to get it replaced under warranty.
20ATM - Only watches rated for 20ATM (i.e. 200 m, ca. 660 ft and more) are guaranteed for diving. If you're planning to take up scuba diving, it’s best to purchase a 20ATM watch.

*Water-resistant ratings measure static pressure, not dynamic pressure.

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